H. Paul Davis Landscape Architects


H. Paul Davis Landscape architects offers landscaping and gardening services for both residential and commercial properties.

Site Selection

Site selection is essential when growing plants. Most of us are aware of one aspect for site selection — a plant’s tolerance for sun or shade — but site selection can become more complex than simply growing full-sun plants in the sun and shade-loving plants in shady areas. Site selection should take into account the conditions the plants may have to face when winter arrives or at the height of summer.

Site Master Planning

Our site master planning process is a progression of activities to help complete the project with little to no hurdles once the project is underway. These activities include:

  • Identification of problems and opportunities
  • Establishment of goals
  • Inventory and analysis of the biophysical environment
  • Human community inventory and analysis
  • Development of concepts and the selection of options
  • Adoption of a plan
  • Community involvement and education
  • Detailed design
  • Plan implementation
  • Plan administration

Planting Design

Our planting design strategy combines our aesthetic judgement combined with a experienced level of horticultural, ecological and cultural knowledge to bring together plants in a gorgeous and systematic design.

Construction Documents

Construction documents include all master plans, specifications, and supporting documents used during the completion of our projects. These documents serve several purposes — they help translate the needs to the owner into a format that can be used to aid in the construction process and they allow the property to obtain permits from local authorities.

Construction Observation

After completing all phases of design and construction documentation, we begin the construction observation process. This phase ensures that the design intent illustrated in the construction documents is carried out with the detail in which it was originally intended.

Landscape Management

H. Paul Davis Landscape Architects provides its customers with landscape management and maintenance after project completion.